Did You make One of Ten Common Mistakes in Naming Guardians for Your Kids?

Are Your Kids at Risk?

Even if You Already Named Guardians, You Will Want to Know Whether You have Made One of Ten Common Mistakes!


You want people who you know, like and trust, to take care of you children.  For example, you take care in choosing daycare centers & babysitters and are attentive about teachers & coaches. You will want to AVOID these mistakes that could result in the WRONG guardian for your kids.

Have you taken the same care about who would be your children’s guardians if something happened to you?

Get my report and before you name guardians for your children and find out what not to do.

And if you have named guardians, find out if you have inadvertently made one of 10 common mistakes that might leave your children in the care of someone you would have never chosen.

The 11th MISTAKE is naming guardians only in your Will because a will only works after you have died. If you are unable to care for you children due to incapacity, you would still want your children taken care of by the people you selected.

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