Who Will Care for your Kids if You Can’t? Name Guardians for Free

You have opinions on how to raise your children and who you want to raise them if you can’t. See below for two ways that you can name guardians for your children for free.

Don’t leave the choice to a judge or fighting family members. A judge cannot know your thoughts and desires.  A judge can only see who looks best on paper. Family members will fight over who gets custody over your child(ren), but the children’s interests are not served by the fighting or wasting money on litigation.

Even if you don’t feel like you have a perfect choice (few people do) your choice is better than a judge’s guess.

There are two ways you can name guardians for FREE:

1) Online

Click here to name your kids guardian for free, or go to www.texas.kidsprotectionplan.com  

First, you will enter your name and email.  Next, you will enter information about yourself and your children and the people you choose to be their guardians.  Then, the legal document (a PDF) will be emailed to you.  To complete the process, you will need to print the document and, in front of witnesses, sign it.

2) In person

Call my office at 832.408.0505, schedule online, or emailing us to schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session.  We’ll go over your current situation and what would happen and discuss better alternatives.  Even if you do not decide to move forward with any planning then, you will come away from the meeting with a lot of information about your options and a document naming Guardians for your children.

Be sure to mention your interest because appointments, where I will provide the complimentary document, are limited to two a month.